KeyMacro is a software that allows you to use your keyboard in windows xp and vista as your computer’s keyboard, giving you a “mac like” experience.
– Create your own shortcuts
– Define how the keys behave
– Redirect the mouse
– Open programs, windows, folders
– Enable windows to accept keyboard input
How to use:
1. Install the program.
2. Open the control panel.
3. Click keyboard, then shortcut keys.
4. Click on “add a new shortcut key”.
5. Enter keystroke or key combination.
KeyMacro works with windows xp and vista.
KeyMacro can be used with or without your keyboard plugged in.
KeyMacro can be used as a system wide or just for one application.
How to download KeyMacro?

KeyMacro’s key combinations are a great way to access your computer without using the mouse.
KeyMacro will allow you to open programs and work with your computer using a combination of keys instead of a mouse.
At the top of the panel is a list of what KeyMacro can do for you. The default settings will work for the most common uses. To change it, click in the green box and edit the settings. The instructions will guide you through the changing of the settings.
If you do not know what you want to be done, use the tutorials that are at the top of the window. They will help you if you are unsure of how to use the program.
If you have any questions please send them to
System Requirements:
– Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, or Windows 8
– 64-bit Windows.
– 1 GB free RAM
– 2 GB free disk space
– All other personal requirements.
How to get KeyMacro?

The web site will direct you to the download page. Follow the instructions and install it.
How to uninstall KeyMacro?

Uninstallation is fairly simple. All you need to do is press the “reload” button on the control panel and wait a couple of minutes.


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Crazy Num Caps Scroll toggles the Num Lock, Caps Lock, or Scroll Lock keys at user defined intervals. It can be setup to toggle those keys every few seconds to about every minute.
Crazy Num Caps Scroll does not affect the Windows BIOS. It’s primary use is to be applied to the function keys on a keyboard, so that the user can toggle the function keys.
Crazy Num Caps Scroll also has command line support, so you can setup a shortcut to toggle each key. It can also be added to the Windows startup, where it would automatically begin toggling the keys. It has no GUI, and no user interaction required. It is completely hidden to the user.
The toggling can be setup for multiple functions. The user can select which functions to toggle and for how long, allowing one to never have to type a keystroke to toggle the Num Lock key.
Features of Crazy Num Caps Scroll:
* Programmable Toggle Function Keys
* Toggling can be setup to occur every few seconds to about once per minute
* Toggling can be setup to occur to all function keys on the keyboard, or to a single key
* Toggling can be setup to occur to all function keys or to a single key, while toggling a specific function key or keys
* Toggle can be performed multiple times in a row, allowing you to toggle a key multiple times without having to press any keys
* Toggling can be setup to occur on a regular schedule, or can be setup to occur at random times. This allows the user to set the key toggles for themselves
* Toggling can be setup to occur without any interaction, and can be setup to occur without having to be running the program
* Toggling can be added to the Windows startup, so that the function keys will toggle every time Windows starts up
* Toggling can be added to the Windows startup, so that the function keys will toggle every time Windows starts up
* Toggling can be added to the Windows startup, so that the function keys will toggle every time Windows starts up
* Number of Toggles, Toggle Period, Toggling Period, Toggle Delay, Toggle Duration, Toggle Interval, and Toggle Frequency can be setup in the program
* In conjunction with the command line support, all of the features described above can be setup to occur at user defined intervals in a command line
* User Defined Toggle Period can be setup for the Toggle Duration,

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