KEYMACRO is a small, lightweight and portable utility which is designed to help users add macros to their keyboard shortcuts.
Funny Keyboard Macros with Categories and Actions
KEYMACRO allows users to create short macros to perform simple or complex operations. It has a default folder with different categories which contain actions.
1. Basic category
Within this category, we have the following actions:
Create Shortcut: this action will help you create a shortcut to a selected file. It has a few options which can be configured, such as the location and name of the shortcut.
Assign Shortcut: this action allows you to assign a shortcut to a file, in addition to making it execute a program
2. Media category
In the media category, you have actions that can be performed on your files, such as:
Play: you can perform a standard media player on a file
Play video: you can perform a video player on a file
Play audio: you can perform an audio player on a file
Create image: you can create an image from a selected file
3. Tool category
This category contains actions that can be performed using the keyboard, such as
Make selection: this action can be used to select several files
Add to selection: this action can be used to add a selected file to a selection
4. Images category
This category has images that can be manipulated, such as rotate, cut, paste, scale, clear background and crop.
5. Document category
This category has actions that can be performed on a file, including:
Open file: this will open a selected file
Send file to: this action will help you send a file to another location or application
Select text: this action will help you select a piece of text
Clone file: this will help you copy a selected file
6. Other category
This category has actions that you can perform on the system, including:
Make device: this action can be used to make a selected device, such as a printer or modem, start printing a selected file
7. Other category
This category contains more actions, such as:
Make selection: select several files
Help: access online help
8. Categories:
The categories can be modified by selecting options in the options bar at the bottom.
Our verdict
KeyMACRO comes with a rather simple interface which makes it rather user-friendly, yet it does not need a lot of eye-candy. The app’s 384a16bd22

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