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By all means there are few life events which will stop you to express yourself in the simplest way possible. Imagine that you are stuck in a situation where you have to express some ideas clearly, but you lack of any sufficient tools. It can be a real headache. Many users feel…

Valet parking is becoming a trend in the modern age. Everybody is in a hurry to get to their destination as soon as possible, and if they have to park the car, they will do it fast and as good as possible. In such a fast-paced world it is important to make use of time to…

With the time management, you should arrange all the tasks that you have to do in an effective manner. If you don’t want to leave some important task unfinished, then you must have to dedicate your time in a professional manner. FlexTime is the best time management program to…

A business can greatly benefit from the enhancements a computer brings in a workspace. For instance, point of sale applications like Point of Success Office Special Edition allow you to manage a restaurant by saving time when taking orders, but also managing deliveries, and budget flow.
Set up database of staff, and products
The application comes with two components, namely the POS interface, as well as the management part, which needs to stay within the limits of employees. It’s best to access the office manager first of all, because it’s the place where all resources, and employees you work with can be handled.
Staff members can be added with a thorough amount of details, starting with general contact info like name, address, and contact methods, as well as employee info, insurance, and additional notes. All of them are enlisted in a table, and using this component of the application requires one employee to be logged in, with a pin the application provides, or you assign to each individual.
Products are added in a similar manner, and displayed in a different list. The products’s code can either be grabbed by scanning with a barcode reader, or manually written down. A product can then be placed in a category, filtered by type, and have the preparation location set. Moreover, there’s the possibility to set up gift cards, or loyalty points, which help create special offers for clients, or occasions.
Configurable, and intuitive POS component
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> RocketDock Icon Pack: RocketDock Icon Pack 2 is part two of a collection of icons that you can assign to files, folders and applications. It includes nine high-quality pictures with the PNG format.
> There is no setup pack involved, so you can extract the files to any location on the hard disk and use them directly.
> Each image has a 128×128 resolution, so you can use specialized tools (like Greenfish Icon Editor Pro) to convert them to the ICO format and make any necessary adjustments (e.g. brightness, contrast, size, rotation, grayscale, curves).
> Aside from applying these icons to files and folders, you can use them in your websites. They take up insignificant space on the hard drive, having a size of approximately 25KB. You can even save them to a USB flash disk or external hard drive, or upload them to an email account for safekeeping, for easy access from any location.
> The pictures depict AIM, Audacity, Bitcomet, GTalk, Picasa, Skype, Steam, Winamp and Windows Media Player. They come in handy to any user who frequently works with these programs.
> For additional icons designed for other applications and services (e.g. Notepad, iTunes, Chrome, Photoshop, PowerPoint), feel free to check out RocketDock Icon Pack.Chiral molecular recognition of planar bidentate substrates by a single 1,3,5-triazin-2-one-containing crown ether.
A triazin-2-one-containing crown ether based on 9,10-bis[4-(4-nitrophenyl)phenyl]-1,3,5-triazin-2-one as a building block has been designed, synthesized, and characterized. The chiral complex [M(MCP)2]X (M=Cu or Ag, MCP=1,3,5-triazin-2-one, X=Cl-) shows strong and selective discrimination between enantiomers of planar chiral bidentate substrates in the gas phase in the presence of 4-methylbenzenethiol (TMBTH). The binding constants have been determined by comparing the measured isotope distribution of the complex with the values calculated using density functional theory (DFT) method.A sensitive sandwich enzyme immunoassay for measurement of total bile acids in serum.
A competitive enzyme immunoass