KeyMacro is an ultra fast text replacement utility that enables you to quickly perform dozens of actions using your keyboard. It’s a tool that can replace your mouse with your keyboard, saving you countless time and effort.
A few of these actions that you can easily perform with KeyMacro include:
Creating shortcuts to any page in your favorite web browser
Opening folders, files, programs, and applications
Switching between two or more pages
Putting files in various destinations
Installing programs
Using many types of information
Other special text replacements
Performing macros with Alt key
Run text substitution
You can type special characters directly without typing them out with KeyMacro, using Alt key
KeyMacro can make text in multiple applications easier to type, as well as save the time to type the same text over and over again.
KeyMacro is also handy when you are working with:
A web browser
A text editor
A programming IDE
A spreadsheet
A photo editor
A slide show
And many more applications
KeyMacro is bundled with an AutoHotkey engine, making it a powerful tool for all power users.
* Place any text or selection to a macro and save it to a separate file
* Add any number of applications to the macro database
* Launch each macro automatically upon starting an application
* Create all kinds of macros
* Automatically run text replacements
* Change keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys for macros
* Manage multiple macros at once
* Create key combinations to launch macros
* Display macro names and trigger key combinations in the application
* Launch multiple macros at once
* Triggers can be set to repeat a set number of times
* Search for and replace text
* Edit text inside any application
* Paste text
* Select the lines or paragraphs inside an application
* Select the text or a selection
* Copy text or an entire page
* Print or email text
* Launch any macro on a specific keystroke
* Launch a macro when a file is opened
* Launch a macro when a folder is opened
* Launch a macro when a file is saved
* Launch a macro when a document is closed
* Launch a macro when a window is closed
* Generate a text shortcut to any page
* Use a keyboard shortcut for your hotkey
* Start a macro when a file is double clicked
* Trigger a macro when a file is opened
* Trigger a macro when a file is saved
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KEYMACRO is a program that helps you to use the keyboard easily. This is very useful if you are not a keyboard master (like me) and if you have to type a lot of words using the mouse.
KEYMACRO provides many helpful and useful features, which are not included in other similar programs.
Some of the features of KEYMACRO are:
– Make a set of macros using the keyboard.
– Enable keyboard shortcuts (shortcuts you can use to run a specific macro).
– You can create unlimited macros and you can use the keyboard on your computer, in the menu, the taskbar, and on the desktop.
– You can assign keyboard shortcuts to any programs, options, files, folders, or actions.
– You can also assign keyboard shortcuts to window positions.
– You can create a shortcut for the applications you use most frequently.
– You can edit or disable the keyboard shortcuts of other applications.
– You can add as many shortcuts as you like.
– You can put the shortcuts on the Windows desktop, in the menu, or on the taskbar.
– KEYMACRO can open or save files on disk, copy and paste text, create new files, run programs, and can do other things.
– You can configure all of this in one single menu.
– You can configure these things without opening the program.
– You can set whether the shortcuts are to be enabled or disabled when the program starts.
– You can set an icon for the shortcut, which can help in finding the shortcut.
– You can save the configuration of your shortcuts as a default configuration.
– KEYMACRO has an advanced configuration manager that shows you the shortcuts created by KEYMACRO and you can easily configure them.
– You can edit the shortcuts created by KEYMACRO.
– You can display the shortcuts that you have created.
– You can delete shortcuts, you can change the shortcut color, size, and position, you can create a new shortcut, or you can create a shortcut from the disk.
– You can add a shortcut from the clipboard.
– You can show the shortcuts on the Windows desktop.
– You can change the shortcuts according to your language.
– You can create shortcut labels for easy identification.
– You can display your shortcuts on the taskbar or on the menu.
– You can drag and drop shortcuts from the desktop onto other positions on the Windows desktop.
– You can display shortcuts