InsertText – ie. insert text on a picture.
Size – the size of the inserted text on the picture (em).
Font – the font of the inserted text on the picture.
Background – the background of the inserted text on the picture.
Text – the text you want to insert on the picture.
Blank – the image without text.
HTML – puts the text in an HTML page.
Highlight – highlights the text in the picture.
Frame – creates a frame around the text on the picture.
Empty – inserts an empty area on the picture.
Grid – arranges the icons in a grid.
Tiled – tiles the icon images on the picture.
Padding – inserts a gap between the icons.
The header of the pack includes a frame around the icons. To use them in your projects, just drag and drop the “” to your VSPackage project and you will have the icons in it.
The features of this pack:
1-3 icons in 3 different sizes.
3 graphic formats: png, gif and html
3 different colors.
and as usual, the pack works with Visual Studio 2010 and 2013, Visual Basic 6, Visual C# and Visual F#. offers FREE professional software and includes the latest software updates as soon as they are released.Q:

How to index a search function in a program and preserve the original data?

I have some data in a program, and I have a search function that will search for a term in the data and return the position of the data in an array.
I would like to also index this search function in case I want to save or modify the data.
Is there a good way to create a search function that will look like this?
void SomeFunction(char *name,char *term) {
for(int i=0; i 384a16bd22

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Fast and easy keystrokes recording utility.
KEYMACRO is very simple to use:
* click on the mouse on your keyboard’s key area
* KEYMACRO starts recording the keystrokes
* the program can record all the pressing keys at the same time and save the log
* after the pressing key ends, KEYMACRO immediately jumps to the next key.
NOTE: KEYMACRO records Keystrokes only when the mouse is NOT hovering over it.
Keystrokes are saved to a separate log file (without extension).
The “Name” column shows the English translation of the key sequence.
Keystrokes are saved in the “Keystrokes” folder inside “UserData\Application Data\SC\Logs\keys.log”
Technical details:
Keystroke recording and timings:
– We use timer events to detect the exact moment when a key is pressed, we then accumulate the press times.
– This way we can approximate the exact amount of seconds/milliseconds that passed between pressing the key and recording the press.
– We do not record every keystroke (only keystrokes where the mouse is not on the keyboard).
– The files are timestamped, so the exact moment when a key was pressed can be calculated.
– KEYMACRO marks the moment when it starts recording by setting a “start” file name.
– KEYMACRO marks the moment when it stops recording by setting a “stop” file name.
– KEYMACRO renames the original file with the “duration” time format.
Keystrokes log format:
– In addition to time and pressing key information, the log file contains the following columns:
* “Time_Dst_Start” – The start time of the keystroke, in milliseconds.
* “Time_Dst_Stop” – The end time of the keystroke, in milliseconds.
* “Key” – The name of the key pressed, in English.
* “Action” – The key stroke in which the pressed key appeared.
* “key_desc” – The description of the key.
* “mod” – A bit of information about the pressed key and modifier keys:
* If the pressed key is an alphanumeric character, it has the “Key” column set to “0”.
* If the pressed key is an alphanumeric character and a modifier key is pressed, the “Key” column is set